The Life of a


About a month ago I finished WHOLE 30. It’s basically a paleo diet on steroids and it was the hardest thing ever but I felt SO GOOD. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to figure out if they have food allergies, is wanting to lose some extra weight or is just plain trying to feel better! No processed foods. No sugar. No bread or legumes. No peanut butter. Just Meat, Fruit and Vegetables. But it comes with benefits. To name a few…

Clearer skin

More energy

Brighter smile

Better sleep

Flat stomach

Weight Loss

Healthier Hair

Better Mood.

These are just a few but I could go on and on!

I stocked up on some natural foods at Trader Joes and for a month straight all I bought at the grocery store was meat, vegetables and fruit and to my surprise, it was so cheap! I’m not trying to advertise for the Whole30 company at all but seriously, this really changed my life. I want to do it again because I felt so great.

30 days without sugar and carbs was rough but I am now aware what upsets my stomach and what doesn’t. I am aware that healthy food can be so so good! I have always been a health nut so when my roommate said she was doing Whole30 I jumped aboard. Seriously, check it out.

We were so surprised at how much self control we had. Obviously we complained daily about our want for sugar or carbs but we never gave in and that felt empowering!

Here are some of the things that I made and LOVED during whole30.


Steak on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes with an egg and guacamole. I ate so much great steak during whole30 and I wasn’t complaining one bit. IMG_6975

Eat all the breakfast that you can!  Seriously ,you should be super full. It is the best meal and fuels you for the whole day. Yes, bacon is allowed! (No sugar added)IMG_6980

Meatloaf with tomato avocado salsa.

Also, sweet potatoes are my jam.IMG_7024

I started to see my face slimming down a lot and I felt like my clothes fit SO much better. In fact I was getting scared that I would have to buy new pants. IMG_7030

I am always getting up super early in the morning so I never really make time to make breakfast. So, these little suckers are eggs, spinach, sausage and peppers mixed together and baked in muffin tins. They are so easy to pop in the microwave and take on the go. IMG_6789

Cauliflower crust pizzaIMG_7082

So, the cool thing is is that when you are a few weeks into Whole30 your cravings get less and less. Guys, I threw a relief society sundae party and didn’t eat ANY of this. I think Kate and I were eating a couple frozen grapes afterwards. It felt so good having so much self control. There is a huge difference when you are on Whole30 and off of it. They key is slowly implementing the foods that you weren’t eating back into your diet after the 30 days. IMG_7094

Sushi plate without the rice Ahi tuna and AvocadoIMG_7138

Roasted Butternut squash


Kale Chips. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Find a salt and vinegar recipe and you’re set.


fruits and veggies

I seriously felt like this the whole time. New fruits, new veggies… trying everything! It was so fun yet time consuming but so worth it.

These aren’t the best pictures but, GET INSPIRED to try new foods and I’m not saying you should go to the extreme but I couldn’t recommend something more. It was life changing. Now, to do it again.


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