Let’s be honest, coming back from a weekend can be pretty rough. But hey, nothing better than some good tunes to help you get through, am I right? Last weekend Kendall and I road tripped out to California with a few friends (post coming soon) and I think it’s safe to say that we’ve both had a hard time jumping back into real life (let’s just say that sometimes I have no idea what my professors are saying because I’m daydreaming about the beach). Trading swimsuits, sand, and sun for textbooks and below freezing temperatures isn’t the easiest thing ever. All weekend our motto was “I’m just happy to be here” and I absolutely love that. Whether something had gone wrong or we were living in a surreal bliss, we were just happy to be there. Wherever we are, no matter what’s happening, we should just soak it in and be happy to be there. Music helps me do that.

I’ve made a playlist of some of the songs I’m currently obsessed with. I love perusing through music online and finding gems that I proceed to listen to a gajillion times. I normally use Google Play Music, we have a subscription and I love it. Whenever I happen upon a song I love it gets put in the playlist “Nekelz Jamzz”. Yes, I am that dorky, get over it. If you only listen to one song from this playlist, make sure it’s “Make a New Dance Up”, it will not get out of my head and it will probably be happily stuck in yours too. So here you are my friends, some ear candy to help you settle down and be able to focus on being happy to be wherever you are, whether it’s on the beach or in an 8 am Spanish class. Cheers.


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